Chigaga is a place where silence is power, and simplicity is a fortune. The untouched Sahara desert with dunes 130 metres above the surrounding landscape, occupying an area of approximately 35 kilometres by 15 kilometers, Erg Chigaga is home to the cleanest and most fresh atmosphere in the whole country of Morocco, it is the sole carrier of a variety of wildlife seen mostly in the Chigaga desert; such as the desert fox a majestic creature ready to pop by to grace your day with its beauty, sandfish, wild donkeys, camel troops and much more wildlife profiting from their natural habitat.

Chigaga has the biggest dunes shaped perfectly to leave the viewer in a relaxing void. The winds caress the sand and mould shapes and curves pleasing our eyes and providing shelter to its habitants, This beautiful hideout overwhelms passengers from all around the world with simplicity and sophisticated offerings, just your presence in Chigaga will take you back to that cosy feeling you get at home while wearing your favourite pyjamas and having nothing to do the next day, gratitude will fill you up from head to toe, a large sincere smile will make its way out from your heart to your face.

While getting to know the ancient habits of the locals and their stories, and learning about old urban legends lived in Chigaga, a missing connection will form between your soul and one of the purest forms of nature in Morocco, it is a relieving experience that will allow you to run away and enjoy a show performed by the sun as it sets and the stars as they light the dark sky.

Chigaga Morocco's Desert is where people are still attached to the same ways and manners of the old generations refusing to submit to the new modern life, their innocence is noticeable through warm welcoming smiles and crinkles stamping the credibility of their emotions.

Berbers in Chigaga are known for their warm hospitality, it is our unique way of showing off our rich historical background and manners that have been passed to us through many generations, we have learned to be free-spirited, loving to colours and life with all its obstacles, believing in unity with the universe and use our senses to navigate and survive.

Barbarian habits and a healthy lifestyle therapeutically focused on well-being from raising their herd to planting their source of energy, Barbarians know it all.

You will be fascinated by the golden dunes competing with the vast sky and the overwhelming sense of belonging felt once you dip your toes in the soft sand.

For our food lovers, well! Chigaga is the best place to experience the raw taste of barbarian cuisine, Berbers are known for incredible dishes to each its own routes, such as the infamous colourful tajine seasoned to perfection with fresh ingredients, the seven vegetables Couscous a staple to Moroccan Berber cuisine, and last but not least, the bread concoct to perfection with fluffy insides and a softly crisped crust.

Our culture is our pride. Chigaga is our source of life. We are keen on preserving it and excited to educate the world, especially our guests about its secrets and mesmerising beauty.

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Each of our private luxury tents feature en-suite toilets and hot water shower, high quality beds (high quality pillows, sheets, blankets), bathrobes for each guest, high quality shower products, and soft drinks.
Each stay includes: camel trekking, sandboarding, night drum party around the fire, candlelight dinner under the stars, outdoors Berber beakfast and all meals if the stay is more than one night.

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