Berber Camp (a unique Morocco Luxury Desert Camp) is a Berber family-owned desert camp designed by our members that share identical values and a conscious focus on preserving Morocco's wild and untouched Sahara desert Chigaga.

The idea behind the creation of our exceptional Luxury Desert Camp emanates from our appreciation of the unspoiled Chigaga Sahara desert, secluded from any modern influence with dunes 130 meters above the surrounding landscape while occupying an area of approximately 35 kilometers by 15 kilometers, Erg Chigaga earned the title of the wildest and largest desert landscape in Morocco.

Driven by the same desire to showcase this rare beauty, all along preserving our uniqueness and protecting the Chigaga's ecosystem, we Luxury Berber Camp decided to use the sun for energy, and now the camp runs almost entirely on Chigaga's solar power, moreover, we keep our use of water very minimal and we encourage our precious guests to be mindful, so we can effectively help the Berber locals, as well as the planet.

Our Luxury Desert Camp's primary role is exclusively providing shelter for our team, family, and the precious Berber culture handed to us from previous generations.

Luxury Desert Berber Camp can reach and maintain its results by concentrating on using nature as fuel, thus, our primary source of energy is the sun, to a great degree, minimal consumption of water in our Luxury Desert Camp is highly praised, hence we always encourage our dear guests to be mindful in purpose to effectively help our Berber families, neighbors and consequently the planet.

More importantly, our team is very vigilant when it comes to health our family's love for delicious Berber food was rooted in our instincts since childhood, and we can not wait to display our affection in our private Berber restaurant, our ingredients; vegetables, and proteins are purchased locally from nomads or local farms and souks, the villagers love to grow and care for their vegetables and their herds which are raised in their natural and nutrient-dense habitat, without unhealthy additives or chemicals. Therefore our food is extra healthy and delicious.

We love that we get to savor the real taste of each component of our food guilt-free, and we want to share that satisfaction with you.

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Luxury Berber Camp Facilities
Outdoors Lounge Area

Luxury Berber Camp has an outdoors lounge area with a fireplace where you can relax.

Outdoors Fire Place

A fireplace is set up exactly in the middle of the lounge area. It's here where our night drum parties each night takes place.

Lounge Tent

For those looking for privacy, a lounge tent is set up a dune away from the main camp. It's ideal for romantic couples and honeymooners.

Big Tent Restaurant

When the weather dooesn't allow an outdoor candlelight dinner, your dinner will be server inside our restaurant (big tent).

Games Area

A games area is set up in the outdoors lounge and inside the restaurant. You can play chess, petanque, cards and so on.

A Lot Of Big Dunes

Our luxuy Berber desert camp is perfectly located in the middle of the dunes. There is no other camp close to ours. You will fully enjoy the exclusivity and tranquility of the dunes.

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Each of our private luxury tents feature en-suite toilets and hot water shower, high quality beds (high quality pillows, sheets, blankets), bathrobes for each guest, high quality shower products, and soft drinks.
Each stay includes: camel trekking, sandboarding, night drum party around the fire, candlelight dinner under the stars, outdoors Berber beakfast and all meals if the stay is more than one night.

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