El Glaoui Kasbah

El Glaoui Kasbah or Kasbah Du Pacha El Glaoui or Telouet Kasbah, is located in the former route of caravans coming from Sahara desert and going to Marrakech via Atlas Mountains. Built in 1860, this was the home of El Glaoui family.

Ait Benhaddou Kasbah

Ait Benhaddou Kasbah (fortified village) is also one of the most important steps in trans-Saharan trading routes back then. Built in the 11th century during the Almoravid period. The Kasbah has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987. A lot of movies were turned there: The Mummy, Gladiator, Lawrence Of Arabia, Prince Of Persia, Alexander, Queen Of The Desert, Game Of Thrones...

Cinema Studios In Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate has been know as Holywood of Morocco. Due to it's desert landscapes and location near major historic sites like Ait Benhaddou Kasbah. It's been the first choice for almost any historic movie.

Tamnougalt Kasbah

Kamnougalt is a Kasbah location in a palmtree oasis and Draa River valley. It was the former capital of Mezguita region and residence of former Caids. It's location 75km south of Ouarzazate and it's close to Agdz Village. Tamnougalt means in Berber "meeting point". Moussem Ellama (cultural & religious festival) is held there each first week of October.

Draa River Valley

Draa River is the longuest river in Morocco (about 1100km). The most important part of Draa River Valley is the between Agdz and Zagora. This stunning oasis is home to a lot of Berber villages, sumptuous Kasbahs, and enddless strechs of palm trees.

Tamegroute: Poettry Artisans

Tamegroute pottery handcraft was inherited by the people of Zagora from grandfather to father. Until now, it's still practiced by the same old techniques as their ancestors. The Tamegroute pottery is one of the best in Morocco. Almost all region is living from (or related to) this artisanal art

Tamgroute: One Of The Oldest Library In The World

Located in the south edge of Draa Valley and just before Erg Chigaga Sahara Desert, Tamegroute was once house of what was considered to be the richest library of north Africa with almost 50000 volumes collected from all over the world. Today, the library has about 4000 volumes. The other missing volumes was donated to mesums and learning centers to studied by experts. The ancient library is inside the walls of 17th century Zawiya Naciri which also houses Sidi Mohammed Naciri's mausoleum, the graves of the eight important Muslim wisemen and Medarsa.

M'hamid Oasis

In the arid pre-Saharan plains of south Morocco, through which Draa River runs, a string of small heavens of greenery and life dot the otherwise barren desert landscapes.Oases were historically important as rest stops for caravans travelling through the Sahara Desert. The population of M'hamid Oasis is concentrated in the traditional fortified settlements (Skour), that surrounded by palm tree groves. Historically Ksour are inhabited by families of the same tribe or different tribes able to live amically together.

Oum Laalag Sacred Oasis

Oum Laalag is oasis located 50km southwhest of M'hamid at the old trade route of Timbuktu only a few kilometers from Erg Chigaga Sahara Desert. The oasis is 15 hectares in size and presumed holy by the nomads. According to local beliefs, a fairy lives in its source. The oasis is a part of the Iriqui National Park.

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