Luxury Private Desert Camp is an extension of Berber Camp's main Luxury Desert Camp located in Chigaga Morocco's wildest desert; our Berber family set up our exclusive getaway to provide privacy for our guests who value their alone time.

Chigaga is a unique and refreshing Sahara Desert located remotely about 45 kilometres west of the small rural oasis town of M'hamid El Ghizlane, it is untouched and well preserved as it is impossible to reach it by non-locals. We resolve to preserve this breathtaking land of golden dunes, as it not only protected us in return but also gave us comfort, ease, and inspiration.

These beautiful feelings built in us a driving force to spread Chigaga’s generosity without stripping it from her magic, therefore to properly turn our vision into reality Luxury Private desert camp came into existence, not only does it embody the Berber life aesthetic but also educates and thrives to imprint its visitor's journey in this wild land.

Luxury Private camp crafted to fit our high standards, the tent is spacious and visually pleasing and equipped with all your daily necessities and more, you also have access to your private restaurant, and lastly, you get to enjoy exclusive activities in your private comfort.

Chigaga Sahara desert is our hideout, and we only share it with people who see eye to eye with our values, those who are willing to learn and accept our traditions and our Berber heritage, we try to project our feelings on our work we believe that way you will get the full experience, therefore, enjoy your journey with us, our strategy is simple Luxury desert camp has a strategic location occupying one of the most exhilarating dunes Morocco's Chigaga desert, which enables us to provide you with exclusive activities.

Luxury desert Camp offers a series of unmatched and carefully crafted experiences, such as sand boarding thing of it as surfing on golden sandy waves feeling the fresh air caress your body while riding Chigaga's dunes is as exciting as it is relaxing, furthermore we offer Quad rides for those who like to get a rush of adrenaline this activity will be perfect for you speeding along the dunes without fear of unexpected pop-outs is one of our favourite ways to spice up the day, we highly recommend giving it a shot.

Camel rides under the calming and overwhelming sunset in the desert are also the perfect time to steal pictures capturing the smiles of your loved ones in their blue Saharan Haik. Such memories are priceless. For such a splendid place there is always a perfect drink. Tea parties are there to elevate your sensations above the peak of relaxation within the atmosphere of our private little Berber concert.

Last but not least, we also ensure our beloved couples a cosy romantic escape, the peacefulness of our land guarantees a charming aura inspired by the tribal life of the indigenous Berbers, where you will get to freely express your love to your partner and cherish all the sweet moments you will share. For you to get the romantic experience you deserve we prepared a luxurious private tent equipped with all the necessities, you need and fully customizable to your wishes.

Luxury private desert camp matches our Berber inheritance and that is noticeable in every small detail in the camp, through our warm welcoming family and our food. Yes! food, locals, and none locals agree on one thing, that is how incredibly delicious and variant our culinary heritage is our elders showed us, love, through cooking for us whether we are happy or down our stomachs were always satisfied we found comfort in our warm soups, and joy in our colourful couscous, and a tagine. Many Moroccans swear by Berber cooking but can never perfect it unless they are true Amazigh, we have that covered too, our private Berber chef knows all the secrets to our delicious dishes, and his passion for cooking is a great delight to us and shall be to you too.

Luxury private desert camp holds pride in our Berber route and our fierce Sahara Desert Chigaga our goal is simple yet sophisticated. We want to help you unwind and destress from the city's anxiety while discovering a new hidden treasure; Chigaga. Protected for ages by our ancestors and eventually us, we deeply value the history of our land. We also want to proudly show it off to our guests who appreciate nature and its fierceness.

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Private Luxury Tent

A private luxury tent will be set especially for you a dune a way from the main camp. There will be no other tents visible in the horizon.

Lounge Tent

Near your private luxury tent, there will be a lounge a tent set up especially for you. It will serve as a restaurant or as a relaxing area.

Outdoors Lounge Area

An outdoors lounge area will be set up just for you near the sleeping the sleeping tent of your luxury private camp. You can use it for dinning or as a tea place.

Outdoors Fire Place

A fireplace will set up just for you exactly in the middle of the outdoors lounge area. It's all for you and for your loved ones. There will be no other guests with you.

A Lot Of Big Dunes

Your luxuy private Berber desert camp will perfectly located in the middle of the dunes. There will be no other tents close to yours. You will fully enjoy the exclusivity, privacy and tranquility of the Sahara desert.

Each private luxury camp comes with a luxurious sleeping tent (en-suite toilets and shower), lounge tent with Berber saloon, outdoors lounge area with a fireplace, and a private restaurant.
Each stay includes: camel trekking, sandboarding, night drum party around the fire, candlelight dinner under the stars, outdoors Berber beakfast, soft drinks, and all meals if the stay is more than one night.

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