Our Berber culture has traditionally placed a high value on food. Choosing the right vegetables and seasonings by using our senses is something we see as a peaceful ritual that allows us to show our love for ourselves, our loved ones, and our guests. We love preparing the most lavish treats for our guests in the traditional Berber manner. It's a way for us to show how much we appreciate their visit and care about their well-being.

Every Berber meal should be prepared in our upscale, private restaurant following the same procedures used by our forefathers, in accordance with the principles we were taught. For the sake of maintaining our culture and traditions, we only use local ingredients. Every component, including our proteins and vegetables, we put on your plate is fresh and toxin-free, allowing you to savour the authentic taste of each component in every bite.

The undying love for our ancestors' customs is a gift from our camp's Berber cook. They are allowed to use the cuisine and delectable meals they make to convey their love and feelings, and we blindly follow them in every choice they make. We are constantly on edge, wondering if the flavour will improve, and it always does, dear. Visitors vouch for our cuisine.

We know how important food is, and the Berber cuisine checks all the boxes for both flavour and nutritional content. Our Berber recipes are balanced, wholesome, and delectable because we personified eating the rainbow. In our Berber restaurant, you can see the complexity of our culture in everything from the vibrant and varied veggies to the robustly flavourful local spices, nuts, and succulent meats. Even the cooking oil and serving utensils are Berber from the region. Ultimately, your health and enjoyment are secured.

We want you to appreciate the effort that has gone into each meal at the private Berber restaurant in our camp, from growing each vegetable and closely monitoring it while it blossoms to honouring the benefits hidden in each tomato and aubergine, and so on. We want you to enjoy our food, of course, but we also want you to appreciate the work that has gone into each dish. The goal of our Berber restaurant is to make sure you comprehend the choice of particular spices and ingredients over others. Truly, we want to use our food to educate you about our customs and traditions.

Of course! If you have a low-carb or high-protein diet, are a vegetarian or vegan, or any other lifestyle you follow, do not stress. Our restaurant is a Berber establishment, so we have you covered. Since Berber cuisine contains a wide variety of recipes some of which are vegan, others are not, and many more we accept your decisions and are proud to be on your side. We encourage you to reach out to our Berber restaurant if you would like to modify a meal to your desire, and we will do our best to make it as tasty as it should be. We also take into account your allergies and culinary preferences.

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Each of our private luxury tents feature en-suite toilets and hot water shower, high quality beds (high quality pillows, sheets, blankets), bathrobes for each guest, high quality shower products, and soft drinks.
Each stay includes: camel trekking, sandboarding, night drum party around the fire, candlelight dinner under the stars, outdoors Berber beakfast and all meals if the stay is more than one night.

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